Embassy of Israel-Waster Management and Waste Water Treatment

Title Vietnam’s Marine Economy – Potential and Prospect


Water & Wastewater Treatment For Intensive Aquaculture Systems (Aquaculture water quality requirements; Water parameters for treatment; Aquaculture water treatment methods; Incoming water treatment; Recycled water treatment; Effluent water treatment; Aquaculture Effluent water treatment methods)

Drip Irrigation in Arid Climate ( Drip irrigation principles & benefit ;Advantages of drip irrigation for arid climate; Dripper structure & components; Clogging Causes of Micro-irrigation; The New Dripper’s Generation; Effluent Reuse and Micro-irrigation)

Drip Irrigation for dry infertile areas Rural wastewater treatment for agricultural use

Extension service aquaculture division

Netafim offers the following Water Treatments

Plastro’s Optimal Irrigation System (Manpower – cost, skills, management culture; Crop and application; Water: quality, availability, energy; Soil: topography, soil type. Available investment capital, grants, taxes)

Tahal Projects: WTP, Recycling and Reuse

Control of water quality in ponds: Bio floc Technology (1. Limited exchange ponds and build up of microbial community.2. Control of ammonia 3. Bio flocs. Feeding on bio flocs 4. A commercial)

Time Date 3/4/2008 (3-hour seminar)

Lecturer Eco Stream; Dr. Mollie Sacks; Dr. Ytzhak Simon; Netafim; Plastro; Tahal; Technion Institute

Participant Vietnam government related companies and organizations Venue HCM Development Learning Center

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