GDLN based HDLC’s learning activities

As a member of the Global Development Learning Network (GDLN), HDLC is also known as a worldwide partnership of learning centers which innovatively use distance learning techniques to connect organizations and people working in development agencies all over the world. HDLC leverages off the resources and partnerships of GDLN to provide just-in-time training programs to Vietnam and support capacity building efforts by the Government and its official partners in their development projects and initiatives.

HDLC closely works with GDLN centers located in the East Asia and Pacific region. There are 15 centers in East Asia and the Pacific and GDLN activities in this region are led by Tokyo Development Learning Center.

HDLC assesses learning activity proposals from other GDLN centers and various content partners and delivers learning activities relating to country’s needs in relation to its development issues. GDLN based HDLC’s learning activities can be divided into categories named:

  • Courses which usually take place over time with 4-5 modules containing videoconference sessions, the Internet, multimedia, facilitated face-to-face sessions and group work activities;
  • Seminars or workshops which are shorter in duration and less structured and formal than courses although they also have multiple sessions,
  • Global dialogues known as short videoconference sessions focus on specific issues, knowledge exchange or analyses on a wide range of policy issues or development topics.

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