Global Development Network

Global Development Network (GDLN) is a partnership of more than 120 recognized global institutions (agents) in over 80 countries to cooperate in the design of customized learning solutions for individuals and organizations working in development. The branches are as diverse as the Asian Institute of Management, College for Ethiopia, the Islamic Development Bank, and the Pontificia Universidad Catolica of Peru.

Collectively, the agents placed on a 1000 + year classes from the training course and brainstorming sessions multinational dialogue mode and virtual conferences. GDLN learning experts in these organizations to cooperate in the design of customized learning solutions for customers. With increasing domestic network links, reached at the GDLN extend to more than 500 access points worldwide.

(1) Course: The course usually lasts study period – from 4-5 modules, each module includes the conference via television, self-learning through the Internet, using multimedia learning materials , there are discussions on the spot and group exercises.

(2) Xe-mi-na or serial workshop: The serial seminars are usually shorter and structured parts and materials than simple courses. However, a workshop can also take several days and / or have multiple sessions.

(3) Dialogue Global: The seminars are usually the TV conference via short, focus on specific issues and emphasizes the exchange of knowledge or analysis of the range of policy issues or development on topics of current interest.

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