Leadership Skill Development Course

Title Leadership Skill Development Course


The Leadership Skill Development course is organized by Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Australian National University (ANU), The Vietnam Development Information Center (VDIC) and the Global Development Learning Network (GDLN) Asia Pacific. Its main goal is to develop knowledge and fundamental skills in relation to leadership for Vietnamese managers. The program will use both cognitive and behavior approaches, by providing up-to-date knowledge relating to leadership and building personal, interpersonal and group skills. On mastering the competencies, participants will be able to apply their knowledge and skills in the areas of business administration and management.

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the needs and importance of leadership
    Distinguish the differences between management and leadership and

  • choose an appropriate approach to different situations
  • Develop/draft a vision statement for your organization
    Understand main components of Emotional Intelligence and
    Leadership style; and theirs implications to practical work-place context.
  • Choose and apply an appropriate leadership style into a real situation

    The program topics are as below.

Module 1: Leadership: The context for the next decade
Module 2: Management versus Leadership: What is the difference
Module 3: Vision, Mission and Social Cause
Module 4: Working with people: Emotional Intelligence (EI)
Module 5: Leadership Styles

Time Date The course is from April to June, 2008, including time for assignment

completion and grading

Lecturer Mr. Bruce Hill Associate, Crawford School of Economics and

Government, the Australian National University

Participant The course is ideal for people, who are:

• currently providing leadership at team and organization levels;
• potentially considered in the organization’s plan of leadership

development; or interest in learning about leadership and management

Venue HCM Development Learning Center

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