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The HDLC provides an open reference library and information center. Everyone is welcome to use this facility with no fees or charges or membership card. But any action to borrow library materials is prohibited. Unlike any research library, it provides the free use of internet, a large number of updated literatures, reports and statistics, future plans, economic research and other studies on development work in HCM city and Vietnam, relevant daily newspapers and Asian regions development issues related document. The library also has document covering activities over the past five years. The reports of the ongoing work of all partners including the government agencies and NGOs are available in printed publications and CD ROMs.

WB projects in Vietnam: reports and information relating WB-funded projects in Vietnam
World Bank files: includes WB project guidelines and procedures.
Periodicals: some magazines, journals and newspapers relating to development issues in Vietnam
International organizations and NGOs, bilateral donors: introductions about these organizations and their activities and research in Vietnam.
Miscellaneous material: information leaflets, free publications for distribution, articles, newsletters from World Bank and other development organizations in Vietnam.


The Center welcomes donations of further resource materials, particularly free English or Vietnamese language materials relating to other countries and their policies and activities in relation to Vietnam and its people. The center is pleased to give public recognition to organizations which support its activities in help of making information available to individuals and organizations in need of that information. Please make contact with us if you feel that your organization can assist with the supply of any relevant reference materials surplus to your own requirements. We would be pleased to discuss what kind of materials may be of use

-Please read attached file below for more details relating to books and policies of library

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